“Hum Kahan Jaye?” Ask Indian Students Trapped In Ukraine, Plead Govt To Rescue Them Amid War

Russia’s military operation against Ukraine is the most distressing piece of news that has been grabbing headlines across the globe. The war has left several families separated and over 100 civilians dead. One of the major aspects that our country should be worried about right now is that approximately 20,000 Indians are trapped in Ukraine, most of whom are students, reports Al Jazeera.

According to The Indian Express, Indian students in Ukraine are scared as they hear bombing around them, and the Indian Embassy in Ukraine isn’t helping as much. Akanksha Katiyar, who hails from Kanpur and is pursuing her MBBS from Ukraine, revealed that the Indian Embassy officials and agents who helped her with the admission are asking them to keep calm and not panic.

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“I managed to sleep around 3 am. Around 4 am, there were sounds of bombing. The window sill started vibrating and the motion sensors in the cars parked in the area went off at once. Dil saham jata hai. Only a few of my friends have managed to leave. I tried booking a berth too but could not manage. Ticket prices were all upwards of Rs 60,000,” she said.

With airspaces being shut down, India is unable to send flights to rescue Indian students.

“Tickets are booked but now my return looks uncertain. The airspace has been shut down as far as I know,” said Aruj, another Indian medical student trapped in Ukraine.

“Even our local agent who arranged our admissions and stay is saying we should not panic. But how can someone not panic when bombs are being dropped? I don’t know what to do. Some are saying the airspace is also blocked now. I don’t know whether I will be able to return,” said Arpit, who is also an Indian student.

Visuals of Indian students in Ukraine asking Indian officials to resue them have gone viral in which the students claimed that the Indian Embassy isn’t answering their calls and that they have no way out:

In an advisory that was released by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, it was notified that the Government of India is working to establish evacuation routes from Romania and Hungary.

We hope that the students are able to come back home soon.

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