Indian Startup Called Out For Flexing Their Employees Who Hardly Slept In 30 Days Due To Work

Over the years, people have started glorifying toxic work culture which ends up making employees sacrifice their personal life, including their mental and physical health.

The fact that people are lauding those who succumb to the hustle culture in the name of ‘peak productivity’ has become a topic of serious discussion online.

Earlier when an Indian CEO patted the back of an employee who slept in an auto after a hectic day at work sparked debate on how these baneful practices shouldn’t be appreciated.

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Now, another Indian startup was seen flexing employees who worked continuously for 30 hours without acknowledging the fact that it can have a negative impact on them.

The oral care brand Perfora recently made it to Shark Tank India Season 2. After securing investment from the Sharks, they got a roaring response from customers across the country.

They were swamped with orders. However, to fulfill the requirement, made their existing employees work beyond normal human capacity.


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The brand recently featured their Account Manager on their Instagram stories and boasted that he had hardly slept in the last 30 days due to the work pressure. They wrote:

“Meet Sonu: Our Account Manager at Partner Warehouse. He has hardly slept in the last 30 days. He looks after the entire order packing and dispatching. #unsaidheroes”

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In another Instagram video, they shared that their team has been working till 3:00 AM for the past 30 days to ensure the customers receive their orders on time.

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While the brand is proud of these #unsaidheroes, people online thought they were whitewashing the toxic culture of making employees overwork in the name of dedication and hard work.

This is how they reacted:

While some companies continue to exploit employees in the name of commitment, there are others who come up with innovative ideas to ensure their employees are well-rested to increase their productivity.

What are your thoughts on this?

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