Woman Says Her Company Locks Their Desktops After Work Hours & Issues A ‘Go Home’ Warning

Extended working hours, work overload, denied holidays, office politics, and no work-life balance are some of the things that come with work, especially in India. Here, hustle culture is encouraged and people take pride in saying that vo khana, peena chor k sirf kaam kartey hai.

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But since people have started calling out such toxic culture at their workplace, office authorities have become vigilant and sensitive towards the needs of their employees.

In the bid to encourage work-life balance, a web development company has started putting out reminders on the computers of their employees who work beyond their set work hours.

Taking to LinkedIn, a user named Tanvi Khandelwal shared that her company locks her desktop and issues a warning to go home, after business hours.

Sharing a picture of the warning, she wrote:

“This is not a promotional and imaginary post. This is the reality of our office SoftGrid Computers. My employer supports #WorkLifeBalance. They put this special Reminder, which locks my desktop after business hours and issues a warning. No more calls and emails outside of business hours. Isn’t this fantastic?So, I think if you are working in this type of culture, you do not need any Monday Motivation or Fun Friday to improve your mood! And this is a reality of our office!! Yes in this era we believe in flexible working hours and a happy environment.”

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Wow! This means the employees won’t have to stick around at the office till late and won’t be pestered with work-related emails and notifications.

People online were shocked that this company thinks so much about the welfare of its employees.


The automatic desktop lock is a bit too much for my anxious self. What do you think of this idea?

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