Indian CEO Lauds Employee Who Slept In An Auto After Work, Sparks Debate On Hustle Culture

A company is made on the shoulders of hardworking and dedicated employees who go above and beyond to take it to new heights. And there are one or many people in every company who burn the midnight oil, brainstorm every minute of the day and multitask extensively because they want to see the company succeed.

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Shanky Chauhan is one such employee at the Bombay Shaving Company (BSC) who is everyone’s go-to person in times of crisis. Recently, the founder and CEO of the company, Shantanu Deshpande, took to LinkedIn to appreciate the efforts of this hardworking employee who works round the clock for him.

In the post, he wrote that he has seen many driven people in his career but none like Shanky.

“I’ve been working for 12 years almost now. 5 years at Mckinsey and 7 as a founder. I’ve seen hard-working, driven people. People who put in the hours and do everything possible and everything impossible, both. But no one continues to surprise me on this axis the way Shanky Chauhan does. On paper, he is our head of sales, chief of staff, and head of the people committee. But in real life, he is the heartbeat of the company. In clutch moments, everyone relies on him. From me to Deepak to management to junior most colleagues. ‘Shanky ko poocho’ is a classic trump card up everyone’s sleeve.” (sic)

Posting a picture of Shanky sleeping inside an autorickshaw, Deshpande further added that even though he is a gem, it’s hard to shut him off which can sometimes affect his health.

“While he is a diamond asset, Deepak and I struggle to get him to switch off. We constantly worry about his health. We realize that for him to do justice to his own commitment to the Co, longevity is everything. His success is paramount.” (sic)
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Concluding the post, he wrote:

“As founders, find your Shanky in your organization. Rare beyond words, but the slingshot in your company success lies in identifying and cultivating such colleagues. If you find them, you will need only one or two. That’s enough. This is our man after a morning flight and marathon meetings. I can write a book on his anecdotes. For now – this post should suffice.” (sic)

Through his post, Deshpande wanted to bring to everyone’s notice how hardworking one of his employees is and that everyone should find a Shanky in their company.

People online did laud Shanky’s dedication.

However, some thought by posting a picture of his employee resting inside an autorickshaw after being exhausted from work, he was promoting a toxic work culture where people drain themselves by overworking.

Earlier, Shantanu Deshpande was called out by people online for advising youngsters to give in to the toxic work culture and work 18 hours a day. Later, he also apologized for his comment.

What do you think of this post by him? Do you think he is glorifying overworking?

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