Woman Asks If There Are Indian Men Who Don’t Want Kids, Guys Respond With Their Stories

There has been enough debate about a woman wanting or not wanting to have kids, about a couple wanting to adopt or choose surrogacy to become parents. But how many times do families ask men whether they want to have kids or not? Rarely. It is almost kind of a given that a man would want to take the responsibility of a kid if the wife or his family wants.

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However, many Indian men took to Reddit to reveal how they never wanted kids and chose to live a child-free life. Some even separated from their wives because they wanted different things from life. This was after a woman posted a question on the social media platform: Are there Indian men who don’t want kids?

Are their Indian men out their too who don’t want kids? from india

Several men who were in their 20s and 30s, married and single, took to the comment section to respond.

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Some even cited reasons why they didn’t want kids – from it being just a personal preference to avoiding additional responsibility of another human.

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Some even chose to separate from their wives after it became an issue.

Sometimes, the family pressure is just too much.

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In the past, there have been a few discussions online on the perks of being child-free. Are you someone who doesn’t want kids? Share with us!

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