Clean Home To Sleep, Women Who Are Child-Free Reveal Perks Of Not Having Kids

As women, ever since we are young, we are taught that we’ll become mothers someday. From playing ghar ghar to being told, ‘Jab tumhare bacche hoge tab samjhogi’, it feels like it’s a given that we will have kids. On top of that, there is tremendous societal pressure on women who say they don’t want kids.

However, women online who are child-free revealed personal experiences of how their lives have been. Many took to Reddit to list a number of things they cherish about not having kids.

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Have a look:

One of the common answers that many women gave was the ability to sleep peacefully, save a lot of money, and not being burdened with the responsibility of another life.

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Some even expressed how their homes are much cleaner in comparison to those who have kids.

Some women also pointed out how they get to enjoy their ‘me-time’ without feeling any sense of guilt.

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Travelling also seemed to be a constant perk of being child-free.

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Being able to enjoy their hobbies and going about their day at their own sweet pace also seemed to be a positive side of not having kids.

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In a world that makes women believe that their lives are incomplete without children, it is great to see these women happily living their lives on their own terms.

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