IIT-Madras Student Catches Professor Filming Her In The Restroom, Gets Him Arrested

Whether it is the office parking lot, trial rooms in clothing stores or even the metro, women can encounter perverts and creeps almost anywhere. They always have to remain alert and cautious to avoid dangerous situations.

According to The New Indian Express, a 30-year-old student doing her research at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (IIT-M), noticed someone trying to film her in the women’s restroom on campus. The alert Ph.D. scholar spotted a phone camera through a hole in the wall.

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An investigative official was quoted saying,

“She took the phone and found the camera was on. Immediately, she rushed outside, locked the men’s bathroom from outside and called the security guard.”

Campus security found Assistant Professor Subham Bannerjee in the locked restroom. The faculty member of the Aerospace Engineering department was subsequently arrested.

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The Times of India reports that he has admitted guilt and his phone has been sent to a forensic lab to retrieve deleted videos. He has been charged under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code which dictates that anybody who outrages the modesty of a woman will be punished with imprisonment, fine, or both. A Kotturpuram police officer was quoted adding,

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“We are awaiting results from the lab to find out if he had filmed other women too.”

We hope that he is put behind bars so that his punishment acts as a deterrent for other creeps and perverts.

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