Delhi Journalist Tweets Chilling Incident Of Being Followed & Flashed Outside Her Office


The question of women’s safety while traveling alone has been raised more times than we can count. Women have spoken up about being eve-teased, cat-called, followed by creeps and even masturbated at by cab drivers. These chilling instances have made women hyperaware of danger in public transportation, parking lots and deserted public places.

Recently, a journalist working in the capital recounted a harrowing incident of being followed and flashed by an unknown man. Her Twitter thread very clearly displays the lack of women’s safety in Central Delhi.

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She further recalled how the man’s actions set off alarm bells in her head and she rushed to start her vehicle and speed off.

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She managed to escape and reach home safe but it also showed her that in such scary situations, sometimes the only thing you can manage is to run away. There’s no time for pepper sprays, SOS apps, and self-defense techniques.

After she shared her terrible experience on Twitter, many others came forward with their own ordeals and how this was not a rare occurrence. People asked her about her well-being and suggested that she report it to police authorities.

The journalist then shared some practical tips for other women which are a must-read. These simple precautions might come in handy and prevent dangerous situations.

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Delhi Police replied to her thread saying that cops are still looking into the matter. We sincerely hope that the creep in question is apprehended and put behind bars.

It is really disheartening to be made aware that even in the little time it takes a woman to walk from her place of work to her car, she can’t let down her guard. She might still be a target.

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