This Guy Used His Math Skills To Impress A Girl On A Dating App & It Worked

Even if you don’t want to date someone, you can still register on a dating app purely because of the A-level entertainment it provides. From ridiculous bios to funny conversations, it’s rare to not have a good time on dating apps. And who knows? You could even land a job or an apartment on it!

In another funny dating app incident, a girl asked a guy to solve a math problem. And so he did! He took out a piece of paper and a pen, worked the problem out and sent her a picture. Irrespective of whether he got it right or wrong, he did manage to impress the girl.

The guy (@fahmad07) took to Twitter to share a screenshot of their conversation and wrote, “prolly the first and the last time math has gotten anyone laid.”

Have a look:

People online had the most hilarious reactions to this dating app conversation! Here’s how some of them reacted:

Would someone’s math skills impress you on a dating app too? 😛

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