Guy Shares How He Used A Dating App To Land A Job Interview At A Startup

There’s hardly anything that can’t be done online these days. Be it ordering food or groceries to even finding a partner, you name it and there’s an application for it. The lonely ones looking for a date can be seen swiping right on dating apps in the hope to meet their soulmates.

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But this Twitter user, desperate to land a job, saw dating apps as an opportunity to get himself a job. Taking to Twitter, a guy named Adnaan shared a screenshot of his conversation with a person he managed to kickstart a conversation with on the famous dating site Bumble.

Their conversation started with the other person (probably a female) informing him that she is in Human Resources (Talent Acquisition) at a startup.

Adnaan quickly decided to let her know that he is doing masters in electrical and computer engineering. Skillfully, he then asked her if she could land him a job at the startup she was working with.

And to his surprise, rather than being annoyed by him, the woman hilariously responded that she was about to ask him what jobs are he looking into.

Read their conversation here:

Sharing the screengrab, Adnaan wrote, “you use LinkedIn for jobs I use Bumble we’re not the same bro.”

Interestingly, his efforts bore fruits and he would be finally interviewing for a job at the company.

People had a quick laugh at the way he flung to action and got an interview lined up on a dating app. This is how people reacted online:

Apparently, he’s not the only smart one in the lot.

Earlier, a guy used a dating app to find an apartment for rent in Mumbai. Bumble be like:

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