Forget Finding Love, Kerala Guy Uses Dating App To Find An Apartment For Rent In Andheri

Nowadays, what do people do when they are in desperate need of help? They turn to social media. Whether it be for marriage advice or looking for a lost member of the family, social media has time and again come to the rescue of the helpless and reunited them with a loved one or found them a job or even gathered money for a crucial medical procedure.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people turned to dating apps to get the job done. There have been people who hired the perfect fit for their company on a dating app and even build professional contacts.

And now, someone who is from Kerala and doesn’t know how to speak Hindi is using a dating app, Bumble, to search for an apartment in Andheri! The ‘About Me’ section on his Bumble profile literally says “looking for a flat in Mumbai”.

He urges people to ‘Swipe right’ if they could help him find a place to rent in the city. Sounds like an ideal date to me!

The way to this person’s heart is to send him leads of “non-brokerage properties in Andheri”. Genius.

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Screenshots of his profile were shared on Twitter by a user. Have a look:

And some people thought this was such a smart move. I mean, go on a date but also find a place to live – ek teer se do nishaane!

Who knew dating apps would come in handy for multiple issues! 😉

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