This Guy Proposed To His GF During A Yoga Routine And He Just Made Yoga Way Too Romantic

Haven’t we all heard of proposals that are so creative that they completely blow your mind? Recently a guy proposed to his girlfriend under the northern lights while there was another one, where a guy proposed to his girlfriend in Monica’s apartment from F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Such sweet proposals become a memory for lifetime.

In this one of a kind proposal story, Alec Horan, 25 proposed to his girlfriend Steph Gardner, 24 in Hawaii while they were doing YOGA! So cool.


The reason Alec proposed this way was because the couple regularly did yoga together and so this was the perfect way to express his love. Alec says,

“I’ve been with Steph for two years and we do yoga together often. I planned a trip to Hawaii, this March, and also had the ring custom made, it was all planned out.”


Alec is a photographer by profession and says that they always capture their yoga routine on camera. Yoga is a way for them to connect. And Alec also adds,

“We love setting up the camera to get good yoga shots, it’s intimate and a very good way for me and Steph to connect.”


This awesome couple has been together for 2 years and Alec says that Steph was overwhelmed by the proposal.

“Steph’s surprised and emotional reaction was amazing, heck, even I teared up too.”


Alec shared a video of his proposal and you it is definitely worth the watch.

Such a thoughtful proposal, it literally brought tears to my eyes. This is how a proposal should be. Period.

News Source: Daily Mail