Mumbaikars Share Stunning Images Of Pink Flamingos At Malad Creek

Spotting a fancy car on the road or a gorgeous house in the neighbourhood is great but the joy of chancing upon nature in the form of a mango tree with tiny fruits or a peacock in the park is indescribable. Earlier, residents of Bengaluru shared pictures of spring flowers turning the city pink.

Now, Mumbaikars are sharing images of pink flamingos flocking at Malad Creek behind Inorbit Mall. Take a look.

According to Mid-day, these birds have been spotted in the creek behind Mindspace for the last 3 years along with other migratory birds.

People revealed more locations in the city frequented by these pink visitors like the NRI complex in Navi Mumbai.

However, a lot of people also pointed out the pollution levels of the creek. Environmentalist Stalin D was quoted saying,

โ€œThe sighting of flamingos [in Malad creek] in larger numbers is a clear indication that the habitats of wetland birds are shrinking. Every remaining site which is frequented by the birds needs to be protected and showcased. Itโ€™s up to the Environment and Forest departments to coordinate their efforts in this direction.โ€

We hope that the Mangrove Cell and the Forest Department look into turning the area into a protected bird sanctuary.

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