Video Shows Pink Flamingos Getting Into Formation In Navi Mumbai During Cyclone Nisarga

Last month, social media turned pink with videos of flamingos that migrated to Navi Mumbai in record numbers. TIME magazine quoted Deepak Apte, the director of the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) saying that the lockdown “is giving these birds peace for roosting, no disturbance in their attempt to obtain food and overall encouraging habitat.”

Yesterday, Twitter user Surabhi Agarwal captured them getting into a formation from NRI Complex, Talawe wetlands, as Cyclone Nisarga made landfall. She suggested that they might be gathering close together to brace themselves against strong winds.

While some people praised the beauty of nature and how much we could learn from the behaviours of birds and animals, others were sceptical about the claim that the formation was a signal before the cyclonic storm.

One user suggested it might be a dance ritual related to breeding. According to The Guardian, flocking behaviour of flamingos might not have any special meaning but “simply the best way to avoid predators and to find the best place to feed.”

The reason behind the flocking might not be known but the charm and allure of these pink beauties in the snippet is undeniable.

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