Some People Are Blaming The Female Victim Of ‘Pune Porsche’ Incident For Wearing Short Clothes

The incident in Pune where the 17-year-old son of an ultra-rich realtor named Vishal Agarwal hit two individuals on a two-wheeler with his over-speeding Porsche, leading to their death, has shaken the entire nation. Vedant Agarwal was driving the car at an alleged speed of 200-240 km/hr. He is underage. He was drunk. His recklessness led to the death of two innocent individuals – both 24-year-old software engineers from Madhya Pradesh who were working in Pune.

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However, some people think it is fitting to question the victims, especially the female victim of the incident – Ashwini Kostha – what they were doing on the road so late at night. The accident had allegedly taken place at 2.30 AM on a Saturday. A few even went on to question the clothing of the female victim. Here is a screenshot of a user on X shaming the deceased woman’s “tight shorts”. The user questioned as to why the parents of the individuals didn’t restrict their nightlife.

These are not the correct questions to ask here. The two individuals were adults, living away from their families in a different city. They were financially independent adults who had crossed the age of parental supervision. Their only mistake in this case seems to be travelling on a two-wheeler without wearing helmets.

Vedant Agarwal, the accused, is the one who needed parental supervision. He is an underage boy, when it comes to both drinking and driving. The Porsche, on the other hand, wasn’t even registered. He and his parents are the ones who need to be questioned. Not the victims. More so not the female victim’s clothing.

The above screenshot was shared by a journalist named Gautam S. Mengle who highlighted how a woman, who lost her life, was being shamed for the clothes that she was wearing.

Several people online were taken aback by the sheer ridiculousness of such an attitude displayed by people. Here’s what they had to say:

According to a report by NDTV, the two victims were returning from a get-together late on Saturday.

What has our society come down to?

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