Dad Tapes Tablet To His Face With Wife’s Pic On It To Feed His Wailing Baby, Watch Video

Ask a parent and they’ll tell you how exhausting it can be to take care of a baby. The continuous sleepless nights and practically no time to live their life as earlier often takes a toll on them. Hence, parents keep coming up with bizarre yet impressive parenting hacks to ease the stress.

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This father from China also came up with a trick to feed his wailing child in the absence of his mom, reported News18. Making effective use of technology, the dad from Wuyuan County of Jiangxi province opened a picture of the kid’s mommy on his tablet and strapped the device to his face using a transparent tape.

In a video that has gone viral online, the child can be seen peacefully feeding with the bottle while playing with her mom’s picture on the tablet.

Watch the video here:

Clearly, the trick has worked in favor of the dad as the child believes that it’s actually her mom feeding her. Earlier, a mom placed life-size cutouts of herself around her baby in her absence to calm him. Soon after, a sleep-deprived father tricked his kids by drawing a picture of himself while he took a nap.

Well, these are some foolproof tricks that new parents can surely try in case of an emergency. What say?

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