From ‘Helicopter’ To ‘Panda’, Parents On Twitter Discuss Their Preferred Style Of Parenting


Being a parent is probably the toughest job in the world. It involves making many sacrifices, being a role model, and teaching kids the difference between right and wrong. Recently, educationist Neerja Birla tweeted about ‘Panda Parenting’ and initiated a discussion on the different styles of parenting people employ while raising their little ones.

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The Indian Express explains that this style of parenting involves gently guiding kids without forcing them to do anything. This enables them to be self-sufficient, take responsibility, and learn by doing.

Some people said they had adopted this liberal form of parenting while others cautioned that it might be a little risky. Parents also discussed other styles like tiger parenting, elephant parenting, authoritative parenting, and helicopter parenting. Take a look.

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Tiger parents are strict and push their kids to be academic achievers, reports The Sun.

According to ABC News, elephant parents are nurturing, encouraging, and put emphasis on emotional protection.

Authoritative parents aim to strike a healthy balance between discipline and support.

Helicopter parents “hover” around their kids and are over-involved in their life and decision-making.

Do you follow a particular parenting style or does it change depending on the situation?

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