Twitter Is Badly Describing Your Favourite Film Characters In A Hilarious New Challenge

The year 2018, can very well be termed as the year of ‘challenges’ or ‘trends’. For a fact, we have seen a plethora of them, starting from the Kiki Challenge that drove the world crazy by asking them to jump out of their cars and dance, to the dangerous ‘Dragon Fad’ which got people blowing out smoke after swallowing a candy.

As if these were not enough, we were then introduced to the Momo Challenge, which had striking similarities with the infamous ‘Blue Whale’ game from 2017. But wait, it seems that we are not done yet.

As we speak, Twitter has given birth to another trend going viral on the internet. Thank god, this time it’s not risky, but will definitely make you laugh your ass off.

Going by the name #ExplainACharacterBadly, the new trend does exactly what it says: Explains a character badly. Like most other challenges, this is also a guessing game with people trying to figure out who the character is from the hilarious description. Most of them also come with a picture or a visual for help.

From Batman to Forrest Gump, Tweeple seems to be having a gala time trolling their favourite on-screen characters in this whimsical act.

I think I know this one.

This one’s an easy guess. 😛

Has a missing triangle in his body.

The man who taught us how to flaunt an underwear.

We bet you won’t find better descriptions.

This seems like fun. I am trying this right away, and you better do too. 😛

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