After The Infamous ‘Blue Whale’ Game, A New ‘Momo Challenge’ Is Making People Concerned

We are living in a world where being ‘cool’ is an absolute priority. And to be cool, you need to fuel the hipster in you and catch up with the latest trends around. While some of these addictive ‘challenges’ can be fun, the others can be way too risky for your life. And unfortunately, we choose to be foolish on most occasions.

This takes us back to the dangerous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, which shook the world last year. The online game was held responsible for the death of several children and sparked fear all over the world.

While the Blue Whale game is a matter of the past, we now have the ‘Momo Challenge’ creating a similar stress among parents.

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According to Metro News, Momo is a social media account on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, which uses artwork that shows a woman with scary features. Similar to the Blue Whale, it asks users to talk to an unknown number and follow certain orders. On refusal to obey the orders, they are threatened with fierce images.

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The scary challenge is reportedly being linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

Speaking about the game to BBC News, Brazil’s NGO Safernet said that it might be a way for criminals to steal data from people and then bully them. According to YouTuber ReignBot, Momo is connected to at least three phone numbers in Japan, Colombia, and Mexico. People getting touch with these numbers are likely to be insulted, threatened that they know your personal information and shown sinister images.

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The Internet and parents are being strictly warned against the “game”. We urge everyone who is reading this to stay away from this kind of stupid and deadly challenges. Stay safe, your life is important.

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