#InMyFeelings Challenge Has Morphed Into A Dangerous Stunt With People Jumping Out Of Moving Cars

inmyfeelings challenge

I love the internet. I mean, what’s not to love? The internet has made life a million times more entertaining and easier for us.  It has effectively shrunk the world and any information you require is just a few clicks away. We’re up to date on every new development in our friends’ lives and are a lot more well informed on the happenings of the world even as it happens.

It has also made way for a lot of sometimes fun, sometimes insane challenges. Do I need to remind you of the Tide Pod challenge? That was the most facepalm-worthy challenge ever.

The latest one in this line of internet challenges was set off by rapper Drake’s new track “In My Feelings”. Even Will Smith took part in it with a crazy stunt.

According to reports, the challenge, popularly known as the #InMyFeelings or #KekeChallenge, was set off by comedian The Shiggy Show who posted a video of himself grooving to the song:

Impressive, right?

Netizens were all for it as they posted their own versions of the catchy challenge:

1. Ah… alright.

2. This routine is pretty much a full body workout.

3. Fudge!


4. Kids these days, I tell ya.


5. Moms!

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So far, this seems like a pretty cool challenge, right? Hold on though. Some people decided to take the challenge a step further. Including YouTuber Liza Koshy:

Not satisfied with the regular dance challenge, people somehow decided that jumping out of a moving car would make it way cooler:


However, it went very wrong very fast for most people. Because, duh, moving car!

1. What is wrong with this generation?

2. Did all of them get dropped on their heads as a baby?


3. I. Just. Can’t.

4. Girl, NO.


5. Please stop.

6. Exactly. NO.

Come on, people. Think before you follow every challenge out there. Not all the likes in the world are going to make a fracture or worse, worth it.

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