Please Don’t Follow The Stupid ‘Dragon Breath’ Fad, It Can Melt Your Organs

If you want to be a hipster and catch up with the latest trends around, there is no better place than the internet. For example, the Kiki challenge, introduced by online personality Shiggy, has taken over the world like no other. The risky stunt sees people jumping out of moving cars to groove to rapper Drake’s new hit song.

But it’s time for us to get over it already. Reason? The Dragon Breath.

The Dragon Breath, which is the latest fad on the internet has got people blowing out smoke from their mouth and nose. No, it’s not our beloved ‘Marijuana’ but the secret behind the cold, steamy breath is the meringue kiss candy dipped in liquid nitrogen.

However, the candy is not a very safe thing to try. According to a New York Post report, the candy could melt a person’s mouth as well as internal organs’. As per a statement by Suffolk County, the Commissioner of Health Services James Tomarken, the cool delight which tastes like ‘Fruit Loops’, could cause ‘frostbite, skin tissue damage and suffocation’.

He added that the candy can put the lives of people at risk if the chemical, with an extremely low temperature between -196 and – 320 degrees, is not removed completely.

Fancying a try? PLEASE DON’T.

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