Actor Divya Agarwal Trolled For Asking For Work In Bollywood Publicly, People Pour Support

In the past few years, we have been made aware of how the Hindi film industry is a very close-knit circle and is plagued by nepotism and favouritism. Accounts by various actors and artists have highlighted how a chosen few celebrities and their families run most of the businesses and many outsiders fail to survive in the industry.

Some actors even knock on several doors just to land an audition. In the past, actor Neena Gupta had posted a public plea on social media asking filmmakers for work and look at where she is now!

Actor Divya Agarwal, who became famous after participating in MTV Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss OTT, recently took to social media to share a video wherein she requests Anurag Kashyap for a work opportunity in his upcoming projects. She expressed that she has no shame in asking for work publicly.

“This is an open letter to @anuragkashyap10. Call me stupid I’m going to say it anyway! Kaam Mangungi sabke saamne mujhe koi sharam nahi!” she wrote.

Have a look at her video here:

What was truly disappointing to watch were the innumerable comments trolling and shaming her for her public plea.

Many called it “begging” and “cringe” and made fun of her. And for what? For asking for work.

However, there were also some good people on social media who slammed those shaming Divya Agarwal and lauded the actor for being so brave.

Some even called out the hypocrisy of others who, on one hand, slam the practice of nepotism but on the other hand, incessantly troll someone, an outsider, who asks for work.

The good news is, after Divya’s video went viral, Anurag Kashyap did reach out to her via Instagram DM.

According to Hindustan Times, Divya claimed, “He (Anurag Kashyap) must have not commented on the video but he did reply to me on Instagram. He said that he is overwhelmed. I said that I am sorry if I caused any trouble because of this entire drama. But he told me that he is overwhelmed and that he will reach out to me if he has any audition for me. His text read, ‘Humbled by this. Will reach out for future projects.'”

There is no shame in asking for work!

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