Actor Rajveer Singh Slams Bollywood’s Toxic Culture: “It’s Impossible For Outsiders To Get In”

Many celebs have addressed murky aspects of the insider-outsider debate when it comes to Bollywood. While some deem it a struggle for newcomers to break into Bollywood, others believe that they are victims of nepotism. This time it’s Rajveer Ankur Singh, a model-turned actor who weighs in on the debate. HT reports Singh, who debuted in a Haryanvi movie, G Kutta Se, and worked alongside Esha Deol in a short film, saying,

“Bollywood has become such a close knit culture. At this point, for an outsider to get inside and get the work they deserve, is so difficult. After G Kutta Se, everyone praised me, but I had to wait. If I was from a film family, I’d have got 100 offers. But because I’m an outsider, I didn’t get any work. I’ve faced that first hand. 

He adds that Bollywood is even tougher to crack than IIM or ITT. “Here, your destiny isn’t in your hands. Even after proving myself, I’ve to wait for good work. Being an actor is an emotionally tiring job, there are so many ups and downs. The possibility of success is slim,” explains the actor who was recently seen in ‘Ek Dua’ with Esha Deol.

The model-turned actor who is dad to his six-year-old daughter, says the South film industry welcomed him even though Bollywood continues to elude him.

“I was offered roles but they weren’t good enough. I just didn’t want to make money by doing random roles. So, I continued modelling and do ads, while waiting for the right opportunity. I also did some big South projects — Telugu films Amar Akbar Anthony, Sarileru Neekevvaru with Mahesh Babu, Rang and Seetimaarr with Tottempudi Gopichand. I also took up farming and that has kept me busy for the last few years,” he signs off.

What do you think of his claims?

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