Only True Fairytale Lovers Can Score 10/10 By Naming The Male Characters In This Disney Quiz

The protagonists of any Disney movie, are its women, some of whom are princesses. They have to fight curses and stepmothers or sometimes find their own self and their freedom. Helping and supporting them in their journey are the male characters, some of whom come from royal families while others do not. How many of them can you correctly name in this quiz?

1. He awoke Aurora, aka the 'Sleeping Beauty'

2. He is the love interest of Pocahontas

3. He's a prince by marriage, not by birth

4. Do you remember the prince's name from 'The Princess and the Frog'?

5. He fell in love with a mermaid with a beautiful voice

6. He's a wanted thief, not a prince!

7. He is also known as 'The Beast'

8. He tracks down his princess with the help of her glass slipper

9. He has a pet reindeer named Sven

10. He saves Snow White from her stepmother's curse

GIF Sources – 1, 2, 3

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