Desi Dad Asks Daughter & Son-In-Law To Pursue Civil Services 2 Days After Their Wedding

There are some things that can only be done by desi dads. Talking with their kids in a formal manner, not lauding them for their achievements to keep them ‘humble’, not being overtly affectionate like mothers – these are just some things which are characteristic of most desi dads.

Another thing which is ‘peak desi dad behavior’ is pushing kids into joining civil services. The moment you graduate, it is highly possible that your father will push you into taking the UPSC exam and will boast about how respectable IAS, IPS and the IFS is, and rightly so.


Similarly, a woman from Pakistan took to Twitter to reveal how just two days after her marriage, her dad asked her and her husband to pursue CSS or Central Superior Services, as it is called there.

Immediately, other desi kids online shared similar experiences and expressed how this reminded them of their dads!


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Honestly, desi dads can be so cute!

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