Desis Reveal How Parents React To Their Achievements To Keep Them ‘Humble’

Desi parents have annoying ways of keeping you grounded. Some may even refrain from celebrating your achievements to keep you humble. I remember getting my first ever internship when I was in second-year college with a decent stipend and my parents asked, “Woh sab toh thik hai par padhai kab karogi?”

Similarly, desi kids online have been revealing the various ways in which their parents, especially their dads, keep them grounded and give them the “tough love”. It started when one woman shared a screenshot of her dad’s reaction to knowing that she landed a job.

Instead of a celebratory message, his reaction was, “Relax Neha you haven’t won the Oscar.”

Who else can relate?

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As the tweet went viral, other people shared stories of their parents reacting in similar ways to their achievements.

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Others jumped in between to explain that this is just how some desi parents tend to show love. While a few expressed how it would be nice for them to celebrate their wins, some others explained that our parents just want us to push further and do better.

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What do you think of this typical desi dad behavior? Tell us!

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