Twitter Reacts To Video Of A Herd Of Deer Frolicking In The Heart Of Mumbai


Nature has its own ways of balancing things. And ever since the country was put under coronavirus lockdown, there have been several instances that prove that nature is healing. The air quality that once touched the ‘toxic’ mark in several cities, gradually improved. Animals could be seen loitering around in the open and waterbodies again became a clean habitat for underwater creatures.

Now, another video has surfaced on the internet that reflects the positive effect of lockdown, reports Hindustan Times.

Lawyer and environmentalist Afroz Shah took to social media and shared a video of a herd of deer wandering around in the heart of Mumbai. In the captions, he wrote that the video was shot ‘near River Mithi’.


Take a look at the animals having a gala time in the open:

People online were amazed by this wholesome video. Here’s how they reacted:


The coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the globe. And amid all the negativity surrounding us RN, this video does make us believe that everything will be back to normal again.

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