Pink Flamingos Flock To Water Body In Navi Mumbai Amid Lockdown; Watch Video

While most of us are not so thrilled about the lockdown extension, animals sure are having a great time outdoors. With empty streets and unoccupied places, the wildlife is enjoying their uninterrupted time in deserted human habitats. Like elephants are strolling on streets, deers are touring cities & dolphins are skimming the waters.

And now, another species to grace us with their presence is flamingos. Recently, several flamingos were spotted at a water body near Navi Mumbai, reports Mumbai Mirror. The pink feathered birds put up a spectacular show for the residents of a housing complex in Nerul.

Have a look at the mesmerizing video: 

Over the years, the migration of flamingos had decreased in the area due to human activities. However, due to the lockdown, the water body was flooded with the pink creatures.

Several people were amazed to see the spectacular video. They even urged authorities to help save the wetland for the pink flamingos:

Well, every dark cloud does have a silver lining. And, we’re just glad to see the flamingos thriving in their natural habitat.

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