Elephant Comes Face To Face With Milkman While Strolling Dehradun Streets; Watch Video

While humans are confined indoors, wild animals are enjoying their uninterrupted time in the outside world. With vehicle-free roads and unoccupied places, animals have come out to roam around in various human habitats. Like, peacocks were spotted on the streets of Mumbai or the Olive Ridley sea turtle population has increased along Odisha’s coast.

Speaking of which, an elephant recently took a leisurely stroll in the suburbs of Dehradun. Yes, you read it right. The giant mammal casually came out for a morning walk on a well-tarred road, reports the Indian Express.

Have a look at the video shared by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan:

In the video, the tusker was momentarily interrupted by a milkman riding his bike. However, the elephant peacefully continued with his stroll as the milkman abandoned his motorbike and ran off to a safe place.

Many people admired the fact that the giant mammal didn’t hurt the milkman:

Others joked that the elephant was helping to keep the lockdown in check:

Few people also laughed at the reaction of the tusker and milkman when they came face to face:

Chirping birds and animals roaming around peacefully on the streets of India, I guess the 21-day lockdown has positively impacted the animal kingdom.

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