Brave Assam Lady Cop Arrests Her Fiancé On Fraud Charges Months Before Their Marriage

The most difficult task is to choose the right path and fight for justice especially when you are fighting against your loved ones. But this dabangg police officer proved that her duty is above all.


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Junmoni Rabha, a sub-inspector in Assam’s Nagaon district, is the woman of the hour who held her ground and put her fiancé Rana Pogag behind bars for committing fraud, reported North East Chronicle.

When Rabha and Pogag met, he claimed that he was a public relations officer with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) in Assam. After a brief courtship period, the couple got engaged in October last year and were to get married in November this year.

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But thankfully before their wedding, she came to know that her fiancé was a conman who was scamming people and robbing them of their money by saying that he would help them get a job at ONGC. Pogag had allegedly duped people for crores of rupees.

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“I am grateful to the three people who came to me with information about him (Rana Pogag) on how big a fraud he is. They opened my eyes,” said Rabha.

On knowing his intentions, she herself filed an FIR against him, and on the basis of her complaint, her fiancé was arrested. She also found fake seals and documents of the ONGC when she searched his bag.

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On one hand, there are dedicated officers like Rabha putting everything behind them to bring justice to society, and then we have this SHO from Uttar Pradesh who raped a 13-year-old gang-rape victim.

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