People Caught Climbing Walls Of Maharashtra School To Help Students Cheat In Exams

The month of March is somewhat stressful for students across the country because this is when they appear for their annual examinations. Which is why the CBSE board has come up with an ‘exam anthem’ to help students deal with pressure and highlight that marks aren’t everything. Unfortunately, there are still people who are so desperate for good marks that they resort to cheating to obtain them.

According to Business Standard, on March 3, some people were caught climbing walls of a school in Maharashtra to throw chits to students through the windows.

Hindustan Times quoted AS Chaudhary, exam center controller of the school saying,

“The boundary wall of our school compound is incomplete, so we have asked police to increase the security. We have repeatedly contacted them over the phone.”

Desi Twitter was shocked at the blatant cheating and compared this incident to a similar one that took place in Bihar a couple of years ago.

They expressed concern over the future of the students and their job prospects.

Earlier, a video of Praveen Mall, the principal of a private inter-school in Uttar Pradesh surfaced where he was seen giving cheating tips and asking students to place an Rs.100 note in the answer sheet so that the examiner takes it as a tip.

We hope the school takes measures to ensure that the remaining exams are fair.

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