“Put ₹100 In Answer Sheets,” UP Principal Shares ‘Cheating Tips’ With Students, Watch Video

Many of us have passed chits and peeked into a friend’s answer sheet during an exam at some point in our life. Some of us also got caught while doing so and were punished. Cheating was certainly considered a big crime during our school and college days. We had teachers who lectured us about how cheating in an exam is wrong both morally and for our future.

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But it looks like, the times have changed. A video of the principal of an inter-school in Mau, Uttar Pradesh which has been doing rounds on the internet at least suggests so!

The video shows Praveen Mall, the principal of a private inter-school, sharing the tips on ‘how to cheat’ in board exams with students at a farewell gathering. He advises the students to talk among themselves during the exam to cheat and also suggests to place a Rs.100 note in the answer sheet so that the examiner takes it as a tip to pass them in the exam, reports NDTV.

“You can talk among each other and write. No one is going to stop you. Speaking is not considered cheating. Discuss the questions among yourselves and write the answers. Do not fear. However, do not keep a chit and just talk to each other. Maintain discipline. And if someone finds a chit and slaps you, tolerate it and ask the person to slap you one once more and let you go. If you stand up and resist, the teacher will cause problems for the whole college,” Parveen said in the video.

“I will also say… Do not leave any question. Attempt the questions and keep Rs 100 in the answer sheet, the examiner will give you marks without even looking. No one actually checks what you have written. But yes, the answers should be related to the subject. I will say to all the students that I might have scolded you, thrown your bags and beaten you, but now leave all that behind… You have ten days’ time, go study and make the college proud,” he added.

After facing backlash for his video, Parveen claimed that he was instead telling the students to not cheat in the exams. Mau District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) Rajendra Prasad said, “In the video, the man is saying things that which cannot be tolerated.” The school has also not been alloted as an exam center to any students for their exams following the viral video.

An FIR has also been registered under sections of the Information Technology (IT) Act and Uttar Pradesh Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act, 1998, reports IE.

Now that’s what we call, Kalyug, ghor Kalyug! We hope the principal has learnt his lesson.