Chetan Bhagat Faces Massive Backlash For His ‘Problematic’ Opinion On Vir Das Controversy

Vir Das’ video ‘I come from 2 Indias’ has stirred quite the controversy online and has left people divided. While many have lauded the courageous monologue, many others have slammed him for insulting India in a foreign land. Kangana Ranaut called him a “criminal” and FIRs have been lodged against him.

Sharing his 2 cents on Vir’s monologue, author Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter to share an analogy. Equating the country to his mother, he said, “I may fight or find many faults with my mother but I won’t go criticising her in the neighbour’s house.”


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Have a look at his tweet here:

Several people online slammed the author and accused him of suffering from “Log Kya Kahenge syndrome”. Some expressed that if a person is living in a toxic family and gets abused, they should definitely seek help from the neighbours. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

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