TN Woman Ordered To Pay ₹15 Lakhs As Compensation For Falsely Accusing Man Of Rape

Rape is a serious crime and the fabrication of fake charges harms not just the accused, but the countless real rape victims who seek justice after actually having dealt with the horrors of it. Previously, a man went on to get a law degree to fight a defamation case after he was leveled with fake charges.

Times Now reports that a man from Tamil Nadu named Santosh has won a compensation suit against a woman who falsely accused him of raping and impregnating her. He had faced trial for over 7 years, but a DNA test confirmed that he is not the father of her child. The Chennai court has now ordered the young woman and her family to pay a compensation of Rs. 15 lakhs to him.

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As per Santosh, it all started when his parents fixed his marriage with the woman. But soon after, the ties between the 2 families soured after a property dispute, and they parted their ways.

Later, when he was pursuing his engineering degree in a private college, the mother of the woman told his parents that he had impregnated her, and demanded that they get married immediately. When Santosh denied having any relationship with the woman, her family filed a rape case against him.

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Based on the complaint, the police registered a case against him. He was arrested and produced in court which ordered to remand him in judicial custody for 95 days.

TOI reports that he was subsequently released on bail on February 12, 2010. By this time, the woman had delivered a baby girl, and the child’s DNA test proved that Santosh was not the father. Then, after a trial went on for 7 years, a Mahila Court acquitted him on February 10, 2016.

Following this, Santosh filed a compensation suit against the woman and her family. He demanded Rs. 30 lakhs as damages stating that the false rape accusation destroyed his career. Deciding the case, the court settled on Rs. 15 lakhs as compensation payable by the woman and her family for leveling fake charges against him.

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