A Man Was Falsely Accused Of Rape By His Wife. He Became A Lawyer To Take Revenge Legally.

Pankaj Chavda, a 37 year old insurance agent was slapped with a false rape case by his wife. So, he went on to get a law degree so he could get back at her.

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After he was acquitted by court, he went on to get a degree and got back with a 50 lakh Rupee defamation case against her. He’d been fighting this legal battle for 9 years.


He married her in 2006 via a registrar, and went off to Udaipur and Jaipur for 2 weeks. When they returned, she filed an FIR against him and his friend Lokesh Sharma, who used to tutor her.

She told the police that Sharma raped her, and Chavda forced her to marry him. Both men were then arrested.


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However, during a trial in 2013, the judges in the sessions court refused to keep them arrested after figuring out what had really happened. A year later, the high court came out with the same verdict.

On the basis of this, Chavda filed a defamation suit against her because she tarnished his reputation and defamed him. His wife is currently pursuing the family court, seeking maintenance.

More power to you, Mr. Pankaj.

News Source: Times Of India

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