7 Celebs Who Were Fat-Shamed And Trolled For The Way They Look When They Shouldn’t Have Been

Freedom of expression might be a constitutional right we enjoy, but at times, it is a right that comes at the expense of making fun at others or taking a jibe at someone or shaming another being in some way. Does the FOE fall in line with the moral code of freedom? Well, that quite a subjective issue.

Who gave anyone the right to judge anyone? How does it fall under the wide umbrella of that freedom? But, sadly that’s the case. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, everyone has a right to speak their mind. But, sometimes, that violates one core thing, one basic rule — the freedom of that person you are making fun of! Where’s their freedom, their choice?

Much, and I mean it, much has been said and written about the recent pictures of Harman Baweja that have hit the inter-web. And, with that comes a lot of fat-shaming. The 36-year-old actor has been a soft target for trolls and is being bombarded with judgments and comments from people who remotely even know him!

But I want to ask, why?

Did anyone ask him about it before passing those comments? Could it be for a role? Or even if it is not for a role, it’s his body.

And, he’s not the only celebrity who has been shamed or majorly judged by the faceless trolls, who let their fingers do the talking virtually. Here are six more celebrities who have been under that scanner (who defined it?) and been conjectured about, when they just shouldn’t have been.

1. Fardeen Khan

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With comments like, ‘what happened to the B-Town hottie’ to jokes about his gained weight, it was all over the media. But he gave it right back to the trolls with a kickass reply.


2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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It was Aishwarya’s maternity weight that the actress was carrying with pride. And, why not? She was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. But for few, that was an opportunity to shame her.


3. Himanshu Malik

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He was the guy who had a really short stint in Bollywood, and his Khwahish was to only have a successful career. But years later, when he caught the media eye was when he had physcially transformed.


4. Vidya Balan

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The small-screen star who became a big-screen sensation is known for her acting chops. But, still, faces heavy backlash over her bulkier side. But, why don’t they talk about her craft more than how she looks?


5. Chandrachur Singh

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He was once a heartthrob and years later was very easily trolled for his weight. He’s soon coming on the big screen, too.


6. Shruti Haasan

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She switched a bit to the healthier side, and people started fat-shaming her. But Haasan Jr’s fitting reply to them shut them up once and for all.

When Deepika Padukone spoke about her “choice”, a certain section of the society didn’t approve. When Anushka Sharma got that temporary lip-job, another section of the society didn’t approve. When Priyanka Chopra got shamed for her nose, another section of the society didn’t approve. But when people judge others by the outward appearance of another being, the humanity in us shouldn’t (doesn’t) approve.

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