Fardeen Khan’s Kickass Reply Serves A Tight Slap To All The Body Shamers On The Internet

Fardeen Khan was in the news lately. Sadly, not for his achievements or films, but for a completely different reason.

Fardeen Khan became the butt of jokes recently when his pictures surfaced on the Internet after a long time.

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“What happened to him. He was such a B-town hottie!” Comments like these started circulating on the Internet. Sadly, this didn’t stop here. He was caught in the whirlwind of cyberbullying and how!


Here’s a sneak peak of some of the comments on Twitter:









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Noticing all of this, Fardeen Khan wrote a kickass reply to all the body shamers and trolls. He addressed the ‘disappointment’ the people were keenly talking about in shameless tones.

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Here’s his awesome reply:


Here’s what we think about this entire body shaming that took over the internet:

First of all, kudos to Fardeen Khan for standing up and combating all the negative stereotypes. It made us observe that body shaming is not only limited to women.

In this internet savvy world, people are targetted for being fat as they don’t adhere to the standard body standards! This entire episode of people body shaming him is an utter abomination and needs to stop. Like him, people need to stand up instead of succumbing to the society’s pressure.

What do you think?

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