Desi Mom Makes Beautiful Sherwani For Pet Cat To Wear To A Family Wedding, Twitter Reacts

It is not uncommon for desi families to involve their pets in customs and rituals. In the past, people have tied rakhis to pet dogs and also organized the most adorable griha pravesh ceremonies while welcoming them home.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a photo of a gold sherwani her mom made for their pet Bengal cat named Leo. Apparently, she altered one of her son’s old suits in preparation for what the kitty could wear to a family wedding someday.

Here he is in a fluffy dress for a bridal shower. So much cuteness!

A lot of people on Twitter asked her if her mom would take orders to make cute ethnic attires for their pets. Some sent Leo rishtas and others said he looked like a royal prince. Take a look.

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Desi moms are the best! Also, we swear fealty to His Meowness, do you?

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