Video: Puppy Gets A ‘Desi Swagat’ With Aarti & Tilak As Family Showers Rose Petals

A ‘Griha Pravesh’ for animals is the most precious thing ever. Remember, when a desi family gave a grand welcome to their little pup or when a fully decked-up cow was lovingly welcomed into a new home? Well, even though as per traditional Indian rituals, a grand welcome is planned for a new member like a newborn baby or a bride/groom, pet parents these days organize desi ‘Griha Pravesh’ for their beloved animals too.

Recently, in a video posted by twitter user @Wineandhair, a family can be seen following desi rituals to welcome their new puppy. In the clip, which is made by TikTok user Shreyagid, a woman carries her pup and dips its tiny paws in the red alta (paint), reports News18. She then goes on to imprint the little pawmarks on a white sheet to preserve it as a memory.

Another woman then welcomes the new member of the family by applying a red tilak on the puppy’s forehead.

This is followed by a traditional aarti ki thali and showers of rose petals for the adorable puppy.

They even offer the puppy some treat after the aarti. Also did I tell you, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’s title track plays in the background during the entire ceremony! Filmy much? 😉

Check out the entire video here: 

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Many people were left impressed with the puppy’s ‘desi swagat’. A few individuals even explained the Indian tradition to others online:

What a royal treatment! Would you welcome your pet like this? Tell us!

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