People Share Pics Of Tying Rakhis To Their Doggos, Others Gift Sanitizers To Their Siblings


The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated yesterday and the internet was full of paisa kahan hai memes. The celebrations this year had some small differences than previous years – girls tied rakhis to their sisters and pets (so cute!) and face masks were an important part of the festivities (because safety first!). Take a look.

Here’s a girl applying tilak and performing aarti of her doggo before tying him a rakhi.

Many people started a new tradition of tying face masks along with rakhis and gifting hand sanitizers along with mithai and chocolates keeping in mind the health precautions of the coronavirus.

An eco-friendly twist was also given to the festival with many opting for plantable rakhis made from clay and filled with seeds. A few said no to plastic rakhis and made their own handcrafted versions with fresh flowers and leaves.

How did you celebrate Rakshabandhan yesterday? Tell us.

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