Bobby Deol Showed Up In Casuals On Alanna Panday’s Mehendi Choosing Comfort Over Glam

B-town recently gathered to celebrate the wedding of influencer and model Alanna Panday, who is also the cousin sister of Bollywood actor Ananya Panday.

This is the same wedding wherein Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan were spotted sneaking a cute moment and dancing to AP Dhillon’s song.


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While everyone came dressed in their wedding finery, Bollywood’s OG star, Bobby Deol, was spotted arriving at Alanna’s mehendi ceremony wearing casuals.

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Bobby wore a blue tee, black trousers, and chappals to the star-studded event when everyone, even his wife wore designer outfits. This got people talking online.

However, when he was asked the reason behind it, the actor said that he prefers to wear clothes that make him “happy, comfortable, and confident.”

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Talking to The Indian Express, he added that he can’t let societal pressure change who he is.

“I firmly believe that living life solely based on societal norms and social media expectations would hinder my ability to live and express myself freely.”

He further divulged, “Therefore, I choose to wear what makes me happy and not let these external pressures dictate my choices. Focusing on my own happiness and what makes me comfortable, confident, and cool is what truly matters to me.”

“By doing so, I am able to live life to the fullest and feel content with myself, which brings me immense happiness.”


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I am definitely ‘team comfort’ over ‘team glam’, just like Bobby. On which side are you?

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