Bengaluru Employee Shares How 15% Of Company Resigned As Boss Told Them To Work From Office

Since offices are opening up and companies are asking their employees to come back instead of working from home, there has been a lot of discussion on social media lately about the pros and cons of WFH and WFO. While people like Narayana Murthy and Elon Musk believe that WFH doesn’t do much good, there are many who believe that their productivity decreases while working from the office.

Recently, one person on Reddit who works in Bangalore shared how 15% of their company’s workforce resigned after the CEO gave employees the ultimatum to work from the office. Some of the people who resigned were at the top positions of the company apparently earning between 40 to 60 LPA.

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“Ours is an 800-1000 size company well-funded startup. Our CEO gave a lecture on why he wanted WFH to end and gave us an ultimatum to reach the office by June. This was in March and ample time was given. There are some HRs, middle managers (not project managers), and salespeople who shrieked with joy at this. But then something happened.”

It was then when the HRs started to do damage control but it was allegedly too late.

“Almost 15 % of our workforce the developers resigned in a week. All of them in SDE2/ SDE3 positions making 40-60 LPA and hard to replace. Most of us started studying for remote jobs/ outside. Even some top testers resigned. The Recruiters/HRs who were having gala time started damage control but it was too late.”

What happened next was astonishing. It was announced that those who wanted to work from home could work from home and those who wanted to come to office and work could do that as well.

“Suddenly it was announced those who want to WFH can WFH and those who can WFO can WFO. 78% of devs wanted WFH permanently. 20% wanted bi-weekly WFO. When surveyed. I am happy that most of them valued mental peace over petty office politics. I love my city Bangalore, it gave me my first job and am still staying but I am happy so many people can stay away so that Bangalore becomes better.”

Have a look at the full post here:

Our company gave up work from office after 15% of our work force resigned from bangalore

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Many people online responded that they were glad that the employees stood their ground. Here’s what some of them said:

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