Bangalore People On Reddit Talk About Hating Going Back To Office After 2 Years Of WFH

It’s been two years since the pandemic began. It’s been two years since many of us have been working from home. While some were amazed at how productive they were while working from home, others wanted to go back to their office space. Now that a majority of citizens have been vaccinated and the Covid-19 pandemic is somewhat in control, many companies are asking their employees to return back to the office.

However, many Bangalore people took to Reddit to express how they absolutely hate going back to the office. First, there is the ridiculous Bangalore traffic jam, then there are numerous breaks in between work which tamper with the flow. There’s also this need to socialize with your colleagues which kills a lot of time and one has to again log into work from their laptops after returning home.

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Such is the ordeal of one person working in the city who wrote a lengthy post citing the reasons they don’t like going to the office anymore.

“Went to office after 2 years and realised just how much I hate doing that. Had to spend 4 hours on the road to and from office. Spent nearly 700 getting to and from office. Auto – > Metro – > Auto. Once I reached the office, I would spend almost 1hr talking to the guy sitting next to me instead of working. We would spend nearly 1hr grabbing lunch and taking a walk. Multiple coffee and tea breaks in between. Working in really uncomfortable formals instead of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt became irritating after day 1. To top all of that, had to login from home again because couldn’t get anything done at office,” they wrote.

They went on to add that almost 70% of the employees at the office felt the same when asked by their manager and expressed how WFH helped them give more time to their families.

“At the end of third day, when my manager wanted to know if we could do this regularly, almost 70% of the team didn’t want to do it. Everybody said they had no problem coming to the office once or twice a month but what was even more surprising to me was that my colleagues with their own family (wife and kids) didn’t want to do it because they wanted to spend more time with their family (reddit had me convinced that employees with kids didn’t want to work from home anymore),” they wrote.

Have a look at the full post here:

Went to office for 3 days recently and I honestly don’t think I can go to office anymore from bangalore

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Several others took to the comment section to write about how it is difficult to go back to the office, now that they spent so much time working from home. Many blamed the horrible Bangalore traffic while others complained about a dip in productivity.

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Work from home or work from office – which one do you prefer?

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