“Garbage News”: Arjun Kapoor & Malaika Arora Call Out Report Claiming She Is Pregnant

Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have officially accepted their relationship. The couple is often papped across Mumbai together. Kapoor has also spoken about his relationship with Malaika and the criticism he has received for dating someone older with a son.


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Today, the couple got mad when a news report suggested that Malaika is pregnant. Kapoor was the first one to call out the entertainment and lifestyle platform Pinkvilla for publishing a news article with the headline “Exclusive – Is Malaika Arora pregnant?”

The article claimed that a source close to the couple in London informed them that Malaika and Arjun went to London in October where they announced that they are expecting a child.

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The ‘2 States’ actor took to his Instagram story to lash the publication and the journalist who wrote the article. He wrote:

“This is the lowest you could have gone and you have done it by being casual, insensitive and absolutely unethical in carrying garbage news. This journalist has been writing such pieces regularly and getting away with it because we tend to ignore these fake gossip articles while they spread across media and become the truth. This is not done. Don’t dare to play with our personal lives.”

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Malaika also took the screengrab of Arjun’s IG story and reacted to the news.

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As of now, the publication has taken down the article. What are your views on incidents like this?

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