Arjun Kapoor Addresses The Constant Trolling He Faces For Dating Malaika, Says He’s Faced Worse

People had a lot to say when Arjun Kapoor started dating Malaika Arora, and they still do. Their 12-year age gap is not something that society can digest. If it would have been an older man dating a much younger woman, nobody would bat an eye.

Addressing the incessant trolling and unsolicited comments people pass on them, online and offline, Arjun Kapoor said he’s faced much worse in life to even care about it. Seeing his parents separate, losing his mother and much more, made him realise how temporary everything is.


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Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“I was prepared for the reaction to be extreme from trolls. Nothing prepares you except going through it. I’ve been through situations in life that have been far worse — seeing my parents split up, losing mom, having to go through seeing the upheaval of my father, losing out on a loved one, his wife Sridevi — you do realise that life is very fickle and temporary, and only love is permanent.”

According to him, he doesn’t need to snap back loudly to make a point. For him, staying silent is also making a statement.

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“Sometimes, you don’t have to make the grandest gestures and the loudest noises. You can actually be silent and still stand up for something or someone that you believe in. You’ve to also understand the circumstances, the complexities, and give it time.”


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He goes on to add:

“So, standing up doesn’t always mean being in your face. It sometimes is just about holding your own silently and doing your thing, living each day and not thinking so much about the negativity. What’s the worst that can happen?”

He ended by saying that at the end of the day, it’s just “nameless, faceless people on social media spewing hate”.

“It hurts you temporarily and then you put perspective by realising that you’re strong enough to face so much more than nameless, faceless people on social media spewing hate. You’ve to let them be. I guess there’s so much relevance to Malaika and my relationship that everybody wants to have a say, have an opinion and you can only take that as a compliment that everyone likes talking about us!”


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His attitude can be summed up in one statement: Aag lage basti mein, hum apni masti mein!

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