Anupama Chopra Claims A PR Firm Offered Her Money To Do A Movie Review, Other Critics React

We often turn to social media to read the review of any movie or show before spending our time and money to actually watch it. Hence, anyone and everyone is trying to become a movie critic to cash in on this trend. However, among these are some OG critics like Anupama Chopra who have been in this business for ages and doing it for their love for cinema.

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But just yesterday, the acclaimed film critic took to Twitter and revealed another harsh reality of Bollywood. Chopra said that she was approached by a PR firm to do a paid movie review.

Evidently, moviemakers can go to any extent to promote their movies even if they don’t have the potential or the X-factor. Bribing someone with credible followers who take their reviews seriously is the easiest way they could think of, degrading the art to a money-making business model.

Anupama is clearly not happy with it. This is how people online reacted to her revelation:

Everything comes with a price tag, but not principles and ethics.

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