Chetan Bhagat Says Movie Critics Write Rubbish & Ruin Lives, Anupama Chopra & Others React

We have heard accounts from people who have been victimized by Bollywood’s hierarchical operations. We have also heard from talented artists who have been ousted by the music industry which allegedly “celebrates” mediocrity.

However, author Chetan Bhagat has introduced another angle to the ills of the film industry – that which includes film critics. He went on a Twitter rant to talk about how film critics “write rubbish”, use “dirty tricks”, “act over-smart”, and have “ruined lives”.

He asked actors to stop seeking validation from the “elitist” critics who cause “mental health issues” in others.

Read his tweets here:

Several film critics reacted to Bhagat’s claims. They condemned him for trying to threaten them and stopping them from doing their work. Meanwhile, people online were left divided. While some agreed to what he had to say, others said that constructive criticism is important for films to improve.

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Chetan Bhagat then responded to each critic individually. Here’s what he said:

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