If You’re Working From Home Full-Time, You’re Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 54%

Recently, there has been a lot of debate regarding working from home as opposed to working from the office. Popular entrepreneurs like Narayana Murty, Elon Musk, CRED Kunal Shah, and others have expressed how they feel towards employees working from home and it’s not good. They feel that WFH can be “damaging”, is not a “viable option” and “does not work in India” and that employees can’t develop their skills. These are just some of the many dissatisfactions that have been expressed by the likes of them.

However, according to a study published in a US peer-reviewed journal named Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. people who are working from home are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 54%.

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This reduction stems from various factors like the decrease in office energy consumption and the elimination of daily commuting emissions.

According to WION, a day of remote work is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2%. On the other hand, working from home 2-4 days a week can reduce emissions by up to 29%.

This study was conducted by researchers from Cornell University and Microsoft who studied extensive datasets, even Microsoft employee data, to model the predicted greenhouse gas emissions of different kinds of work arrangements.

Do you think work-from-home or a hybrid work culture should be promoted more across offices?

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