CRED Founder Says Work From Home Is ‘Damaging’, People Get No ‘Network Skills’, Starts Debate

The coronavirus pandemic shifted the ways in which the world worked. Work from home became the new normal over the past two years. But a lot of people have had the opinion that working from the office is much better than WFH. One of them is CRED Founder Kunal Shah.

Taking to Twitter, Shah expressed how working from home is the same as kids who study at home.

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“No real bonds. No real social or network skills. Illusion of understanding and learning. No osmosis. Comfortable but damaging in the long run,” he wrote.

While some agreed with him, several others disagreed.

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Many highlighted how working from home makes them efficient in time management and saves them from distractions. It was also pointed out how people can work remotely from anywhere, making them able to go out on adventures.

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Do you think all companies should have a work from home policy? Tell us!

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