X User Says Women Should Be Financially Independent So They Can Leave Insecure Husbands

Being financially independent literally solves a lot of the problems women in our society face on a daily basis. Financial independence gives women autonomy, it gives women power – the power to leave unwanted situations. Especially if we talk about women stuck in abusive marriages, many are unable to leave because they are financially dependent on their husbands and their families wouldn’t provide for them. They have no one else to turn to. So they stick around, even if it means spending a lifetime unhappily.

Which is why, a woman on social media took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain how important financial independence is for women and it is something that they should ensure they attain before they are married because then, it would be easier to leave a husband who is insecure, weak and disrespectful.

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“Women must be financially stable before they get married, so that they don’t have to tolerate a weak husband, an insecure husband, a husband who can’t respect her, a husband who raises his voice at her, a husband who thinks he can put out his frustrations on her, a husband who is abusive with his tongue and hands, who cannot manage his anger, a husband who doesn’t know his limits. Any reason that makes a woman bear this, financial instability should be the last,” she wrote.

Have a look:

This post started a massive debate where people highlighted various other angles which made a lot of sense. For example, many said that women should be financially independent irrespective of their relationship status. Some even pointed out how many financially independent women refuse to leave their toxic and abusive husbands and so, emotional independence plays a much bigger role.

Here’s a look at some of the responses:

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